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A little About us

We are dedicated to creating a meaningful, long-term relationship with you that is based on understanding, knowledge and commitment to progress. We are a proactive, professional and committed brokerage creating long-term success and financial progression for you, our client.

We understand that everyone's different, and that's why our mortgage planning approach is as individual as you. We know the financial side of life can be complex and that's why we work hard to get to know you and your aspirations through careful consultation.

We offer a flexible approach that works around you, we appreciate these days people lead busy lives. We can help you over the phone, Skype or by face to face appointment. Luckily we are in an age of technology and the majority of things we need can be done via email or downloadable documents. Our clients find this makes the process very straight forward and less time consuming. We don't need to take two hours out of your day to get things rolling for you. 

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Jenny Launched Canford Financial Services in December 2015 and is the current Director but also a full time broker alongside her team.

Jenny has been a Mortgage Broker for 15 years. She believes that professional advice adds significant value to both individuals & businesses. She has a detailed understanding of the whole application and house buying process. With a strong Buy to let client base she has extensive knowledge of BTL and Ltd company mortgages. 

She believes that being informed about the processes and procedures from the outset can help to relieve what can sometimes be a stressful experience.

Jenny has grown the majority of the business via recommendation which speaks volumes. 

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Charlie ensures you not only save time and money but also secures the optimal solution. No more navigating things like credit score difficulties or self-employed hurdles alone—Charlie’s got your back.

Maximize your income potential and unlock the doors to the mortgage you deserve. With Charlie on your side, every financial obstacle becomes an opportunity.

Charlie has been in the industry for 12 years working for HSBC and then as an independent mortgage broker for the last 7 years. Charlie has a wealth of experience with buy to let and investment clients so get in touch if you are a portfolio or buy to let landlord

Our Happy Clients

"Add a testimonial that a happy customer or client has said about working with you."

Amanda Johns, COO, HORIZON

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